OnStage League Committee Open Call #onstage-rules-2023

Dear OnStage Community,

We would like to open up our next OnStage League meeting to our community to discuss the 2023 Draft Rules. This will take place on Friday 26 August 2022 14:30-15:30 UTC. We invite all mentors, volunteers, regional representatives and OnStage coordinators to participate.

The link will be published here closer to the event.

We hope to see you on the call!


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Nice! :smiley: thank you for the info.

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See the post regarding the specific rule changes to discuss in the meeting here:

I think , concording with my mentors and students, that in thescoresheet about interview (page 3) it could be useful to lower max points from 7 to 5 for software , and increase max points from 7 to 8 for both Electromechanical system and sensor and communication system. Furthermore, I propose to add for the reason of deduction points the following item: “Use of robotic kits suitable for children with demo operation from the farm”. This could prevent high evaluations for teams with no personal work rather than mounting and pushing a botton in order to activate the operation predefined by the manufacturer.

Hi @Domhardy_ITALY - Thank you for joining the discussion!

We kept the software, electromechanical and sensor/communication points distribution equal to recognise that we do equally weigh the software integration that is required to create the hardware and sensor solutions in a performance. Happy to discuss further on the call on Friday.

Rather than punish teams for not being able to access high levels of equipment (due to cost, accessibility or knowledge reasons), should we not value innovation? OnStage looks towards more platform agnostic scoring to encourage and value all competitors.

This is what the 2023 rules/scoresheets aim to address by the addition of marks in the video, poster and interview for innovation to promote teams reaching beyond the current standard of competition. Teams that also have just copied examples or modified test or other people’s solutions usually do not have a full understanding of their systems, something that usually gets discussed in the interview.

We have to be careful not to encourage a ‘technology arms race’ and leave teams which should be valued in the competition even if they aren’t as technologically advanced with custom solutions.

Overall, no team can achieve high marks in the competition if they aren’t entertaining and incorporate their technology in a way that adds value to the performance! It’s a balance - and something that we should always remember in OnStage!

Once again, happy to discuss further here or during the meeting on Friday. I also welcome other contributions from other regions as well.

When I started my experience with Robocup (Singapore 2010) there were still two categories: under 14 and under 19. So, the first ones could participate with simple kits and the others were competing among self making innovative robots. But the reunification of the ages , if on the one hand it had to give the same opportunities to all, on the other hand, it made it unproductive for the more innovative teams to invent complex robots and spend a lot of time and effort on their implementation. So the solution was to divide two categories, advanced and preliminary. This could be the best balance, because the advanced teams with previous experience could compete among equal high technology robots, while the preliminary colud use kits as Lego and similar, ready to be mounted and easy to program for making captivating movements. The actual reunification of both categories advanced and preliminary and the necessary balancing of points has created - for example - the paradox in the last European Robocup where a team with two kits lego activated by clapping hands and a kit spider robot mounted and acting with the demo movements of the manufacturer, overcame in the final standings a human size robot from 3 year work with advanced AI , reacting to face expressions and finger counting from a camera and voice commands. So , anyway, my further proposal could be to separate again advanced and preliminary categories, eventually with restriction to simple mounting kits to the advanced.

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