OnStage2023 Rule and Scoresheet Drafts Released - Call for Feedback!

Dear OnStage Community,

We are very excited to release the DRAFT 2023 rules and scoresheets for your feedback and comments. Thank you to the teams and mentors who provided feedback at the competition and we would now like to recieve feedback from the community especially from our super-regional and regional teams and mentors.

The 2023 DRAFT rules can be found here: https://junior.robocup.org/rcj-onstage/

The proposed rules build upon the changes implemented in 2022 with a strong focus on now including innovation and showcasing the technology in the performances.

We are reintroducing the judged Technical Description Poster replacing the previously submitted paper to showcase the teams’ work visually rather than using words. This also allows for all teams to read and understand the performances, rather than just the judges! We highly recommend you have a look at past posters from the other RoboCupJunior leagues for inspiration.

Please reply here with any suggested changes or comments and we would love to open up the discussions to our community!

Thank you,

OnStage League Chair 2022


I have read the rules and have a few comments:

  • good idea to talk about the minimum duration of the performance, because if it is a technical artistic challenge, once it is finished it is useless to wait for the remaining time.
  • you removed “A judge starts a stopwatch when a team member takes a step on the stage.” For what purpose?
  • “Performances will not be live-streamed for general public viewing.” Does this mean that the performance will not be visible to parents, for example, if they cannot be in the room where it is being filmed?
  • “Any localization beacons or markers for a robot’s localization system should be placed within the confines of
    the stage.” . Are these confines the 5m by 4m rectangle or the physical stage?
  • Regarding the 50 cm maximum flight height for drones, how can we be sure? We are not safe from a malfunction.
    Best regards

Hi @lverdier - Thank you for your comments!

We removed this as we noticed that teams were delaying their performances using the time on the side of the stage to calibrate or fix problems that should have been counted as part of their 6 minutes on stage. From a scheduling perspective, this is to ensure we run to time on the main stage.

At the International events, the main stage is not live streamed rather recordings are uploaded to YouTube after the events. This is mainly to ensure nothing is publicly streamed that may cause harm or distress to anyone on stage, especially as there are minors involved in the competition.

The stage is the 4x5m rectangle.

This was something that was added as a trial in 2022 but happy to discuss further if the community feels that drones or other flying devices should be excluded from the competition. @ChristianH Did you want to add anything to this point?

Hope this helps! Thank you for your feedback.


It seems like the link for the OnStage Scoresheets is wrong and sends you to the rules instead.

Here is the collect link to the scoresheet!

Hi Laurent,
a team will probably never be able to safely limit the flight height for drones by software, but it can take measures to limit the hight physically by attaching it to a string for example. But as already outlined we are still testing this rule and are happy for every bit of feedback we receive. Until now I haven’t seen any team make use of it.

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I seem to have missed that margaux mentioned me.

Best regrads