Soccer Simulation Demo 2021 - Do you want to participate?

The OC and TC of the RCJ Soccer would like to hold a Simulated Soccer demo competition for all the RCJ Soccer teams around the world.

The basic idea is to have all teams competing with the same virtual robots in a simulated field. Every team would send the code for its own robots (written in Python), and we would run it against the other teams. The rules of the simulated game will be similar to the rules of the real RCJ Soccer competition.

We plan on using the Webots open-source robot simulator. Teams should submit their code sometime before the end of this year, and the demo competition would run in January 2021.

Since this is a developing idea, we would like to know how many teams would be interested in participating. Then, we can complete the planning and give you more detailed information.

Who can participate?
We invite all RCJ Soccer teams around the world with participants who are under the RCJ age limit to participate.

Please, answer the form from the link below until 25th of September, 2020.

If you have questions, please share them here in the forum.

We hope to have your code in the event! :slight_smile:

RCJ Soccer TC


This is a great idea but maybe not only Python? :frowning:

Sounds great, Webots looks like a worthwhile platform to get familiar with.
What do you define as a “team”? could 1 student compete? Could 5 join on the same team?

Hi, @Alex In this first demo we are going to use Python. But maybe we can expand this to other programming languages in future editions.

Hello, @Armin. Our plan is to follow RoboCup Junior General Rules, which state that the maximum number of team members is 4 for Soccer.
We will post specific regulations for the Soccer Simulation Demo in the next weeks.

Hello, everyone!

Thanks a lot for filling in the form to let us know you want to participate on the Soccer Simulation Demo 2021. The pool is now closed. We had 22 responses from 13 countries! Therefore, I am happy to say that the Soccer Simulation Demo competition 2021 is going to happen!!

Within the next weeks we are going to post the specific rules and dates for the simulation competition. So, keep an eye on the forum!

I hope to see all your (simulated) teams in the competition! :slight_smile:


Yes…it would be great in participating the Soccer Simulation Demo 2020 as there will be best goalkeepers in the world who play brilliantly and try to win the match against the opponent. It would be great to watch the Demo.

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Hi Felipe,
our boys signed up and are looking forward to the competition, but have not heard back.
Is this still in planning? I understand that news would be posted both by email to registered teams and on this forum, so it’s not that we have missed the news, is it?
We would really appreciate a brief update, where do things stand with the soccer simulation competition?

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Dear @Armin and all,

YES! The Soccer Simulation Competition demo is going to happen!

Sorry for not posting updates sooner. We (the TC) are still working on the implementation of the competition, but it is taking longer than we anticipated.

The current status is:

  • Rules: we are finalizing the adaptation of the 2021 Soccer rules to the simulated environment. You can expect the rules to be a simplified version of the regular rules, with some specific content related to the simulation environment. Our plan is to post the rules in the next two weeks.
  • Simulator: we are going to use Webots (open-source robot simulator). The soccer simulation competition will run on a Webots world that we are adapting to work with our rules and to accept code in Python. A GitHub page is being prepared with instructions to download and run the code. We are also working on a demo team with a (very) simple example on how to program the virtual robots.
  • Date: the current plan is to run the actual competition in the weekend of 30-31st January, 2021. Deadline for submitting code should be around 7-10 days before the competition.

I will post updates when we have news. And, when we have everything prepared, we will get in touch via e-mail with all the teams that filled the form.



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Is this the github page you are referring to?

Yes, @konoe_akitoshi. This is the one. Feel free to download and give it a try, but keep in mind that this is not the final version! We are still working on it.


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Hey, everyone!

As I mentioned before, the Soccer Simulation Competition demo competition is confirmed!

Please, follow the link below to find up-to-date information about the competition:



@konoe_akitoshi, @Armin, @Alex, @SportsGeeks

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Great… .

In the meantime,will there be a hardware element in the competition which allows team to submit their hardware design ? Since I know some teams may have put a lot of effort in the hardware solution. Thought? Such as give teams hardware design - design and submit their CAD. etc . ?

Hi, @elizabeth.mabrey.

We understand that teams put a lot of effort in hardware design, also. But, in the simulation competition of February 2021 there is no hardware design element. The competition is going to focus on the programming aspect only, and all teams are going to use the same simulated robots.

We are investigating how to incorporate other aspects in a possible virtual competition in June. The hardware design competition is a good suggestion. Thanks!


We are still

How do I register to participate?
Is there any prerequisites to participate?
It’s the first time I try to participate, so I’m a little lost with all the information lol.

Welcome, @Ruhtra47!

It is a lot of information, indeed. But, don’t worry! You will get there! :slight_smile:

To participate you need to be between 14 and 19 years old. You also need to form a team of 2, 3 or 4 people within the same age limits. All members must participate on one team, only (it is not allowed that the same person is part of more than one team).

Registration is not open, yet. In January a link will be posted in the thread below. Please, follow it to keep up-to-date.


Just a thought… it really does not need to be confined by the Simulation. In addition, soccer stands out from other leagues is the most demanding in electronic and mechanical design. Can we turn this virtual restriction to our advantage?

Besides, as we all fully aware, this is a VERY different time which requires some out of ordinary ideas :slight_smile: ?

How about this:

  • a serious of scaffolding secret challenges on circuit virtual design, using online tools, with set of rules. The series will collectively be resulting in a final product that aims to do a certain task?
  • whoever does it, they are required to present and explain to others and open to Questions by judges and teams.

This will really be challenging and fun.

Hi, @elizabeth.mabrey.
Those are great suggestions! Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to implement anything like this in the February demo competition. But we will certainly consider your thoughts when planning the June competition.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

O absolutely… I should have clarified. My suggestion was referring only to the World competition in June (Summer), not coming Feb.

Thank you for providing a wonderful place for us.
By the way, I have a question, I am new to python and webots. Do you have any sample code?
I would really appreciate it if there is…


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