Soccer Simulation Demo 2021 - Do you want to participate?

The OC and TC of the RCJ Soccer would like to hold a Simulated Soccer demo competition for all the RCJ Soccer teams around the world.

The basic idea is to have all teams competing with the same virtual robots in a simulated field. Every team would send the code for its own robots (written in Python), and we would run it against the other teams. The rules of the simulated game will be similar to the rules of the real RCJ Soccer competition.

We plan on using the Webots open-source robot simulator. Teams should submit their code sometime before the end of this year, and the demo competition would run in January 2021.

Since this is a developing idea, we would like to know how many teams would be interested in participating. Then, we can complete the planning and give you more detailed information.

Who can participate?
We invite all RCJ Soccer teams around the world with participants who are under the RCJ age limit to participate.

Please, answer the form from the link below until 25th of September, 2020.

If you have questions, please share them here in the forum.

We hope to have your code in the event! :slight_smile:

RCJ Soccer TC


This is a great idea but maybe not only Python? :frowning:

Sounds great, Webots looks like a worthwhile platform to get familiar with.
What do you define as a “team”? could 1 student compete? Could 5 join on the same team?