Question about order of rescue

Hello all,
I am new to Robocup and have a query regarding the rescue of the live and dead victims as described in the 2018 rule book.
In article 3.5.12, the rules state that “Points for a dead victim will only be awarded after ALL of the live victims have first been rescued”, which implies that the victims can be rescued in any order (e.g. two live, one dead, then the rest of the live ones) and the marks will be allocated also for the dead victim since all the live victims have been rescued.
However, it then states that “Teams must prioritise the evacuation of live victims first; the judge will not reward a successful dead victim rescue, until ALL of the live victims have not first been evacuated. To earn points for the rescuing of dead victims, all living victims must have first been rescued”, which seems to indicate that ALL the live victims need to be rescued before the dead ones, and if any dead ones are rescued before, even if at the end all the live ones are rescues, the dead won’t count.

Can somebody please help with the interpretation?


Hello Errol,
excuse the late reply. Good question! I think it is meant to be as in the robot should focus on saving living victims first and not waste time with dead victims. Therefore, it would make most sense if the robot only gets scoring for victims that are rescued after ALL living victims are rescued. If you save a dead victim before you saved all living victims, you will not get any points for this dead victim at any point during the scoring run. This would also comply to rule 3.5.12:

When the judge determines there has been a successful victim rescue, the victim will be removed from the evacuation zone to allow more victims to be evacuated

It would be confusing for the referees if they had to count the number of dead victims rescued before all living victims were rescued and later add this number when all living victims are rescued.

But I understand this is not very clear and it could also be possible to reward teams if they successfully saved all living and dead victims, so I’d still await definite confirmation by the @RCJ-RescueTC.

Best, Jan

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your reply. I suspect you’re right. Common sense dictates that the live victims should be rescued first and then go on to the dead victims. However, as the rules aren’t clear about it I thought to ask.
I’ll await the official response, but in the meantime I’ll assume that the live ones need to be rescued first.
Thanks again

Hello Errol, and sorry for the late reply.

For this question, I believe Jan’s answer sums it all up.

But to make things clear,

  1. Any dead victims rescued before ALL the live victims will earn zero points.

  2. Once all the live victims have been rescued, dead victims rescued from that point onwards will earn points.

  3. The points for each victim is counted when they are rescued. For example, if there are two dead and two live victims, and the victims are rescued in the order D,L,L,D. Then, teams will gain points for the two live victims and only the dead victim rescued after the two live victims.

Does this make sense?

Also, please regard the current rules as drafts. Newer versions are to be uploaded in due course, and they have a somewhat altered version of this section of the rule (however, the essence of the rule will remain the same). Hopefully that version will do a better job at explaining this section.


Kai Junge - 2018 Rescue TC

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Thanks for your replay Kai!