Wlan in preparation phase

Hello dear RoboCup team,

I would like to know if it is allowed to use wlan in the preperation phase to transfer our programs from our computer to the Robot via gitlab. We would turn off the wLan of the Robot during the scoring run. We hope that is allowed.

Paul Puschmann

Hi Paul,

In a thread about the 2017 Nagoya, I found a similar question.

I agree with that it is a convenient, modern solution to share the code with GitHub and download it to the robot wirelessly.
But I am afraid that communication trouble may be occurred at the limited time before the game. Speaking from the former participant’s point of view, even if the wireless connection is permitted at the local competition, I think that it is better to use the wired one.

Best, Ryo

Thank you Ryo for your advice.

It is allowed using wireless communication between your robot and your PC expect during run.
There may be some trouble as Ryo said.
And If Junior team and audience use wireless communication have a bad influence on major competitions, the OC will say all junior team have to stop using any wireless communication in the venue.
So, I never say that wireless communication will be guaranteed. Wired communication is also recommended.

Is it allowed to use wireless communication during the calibration time?

No we don’t allow.
I wrote “run” means gameplay.
In rescue, run time is 8 minutes include calibration.


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