Soccer Simulation Demo 2021 - Issues and questions

Dear teams,

We need your help to test some changes in the simulator. Please, check out this thread:



Hello @adrianmatejov

For question 3, we found a workaround, the patch file is located at

Junior Robotics TFA

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@Leo Thanks. Could you please create a pull request with your fix to our repository? :slight_smile:

However, this is still a workaround and I’ll most probably create an issue in Webots repository.

@adrianmatejov I have created a pull request on the repository with the fix.


Hey, SoccerSim teams!

I am posting on this thread to try to reach more people.

After a successful Demo competition in February, the next event will be the official Qualification Tournaments in May 2021, open for participation to any team that would like to register.

  • Qualification Registration deadline: May 17’th 2021
  • Qualification Code submission deadline: May 24’th 2021

For more information, check out the link below:


Hello everyone,

To follow-up on @Felipe’s announcement, more information on how to register can be found on the link below:


– Marek


My team has found an interesting and funny ending scene when one of their simulation finished:


Since this was just the finishing scene of a simulation, we only can assume that until a replacement to a neutral spot would not happen for any other reason, the traveling robot probably would be trapped on the top of the other robot (having a nice panoramic overview of the field and conserving some fuel though :smiley: ). This issue seems to be extremely rare (has only occurred once that we managed to notice), so probably the issue’s severity is quite low.

Anyway, as a nice to have bug fix solution, maybe the referee.utils is_outside(x, z) should be extended by a 3rd dimension? Like is_outside(x, z, y)?

Best regards,

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Thanks @rlaszlo, that’s a very nice bug report!

It seems we won’t make it to a hotfix but we’ll try to clean it up after the craziness of the June competition passes.

Thanks again!

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