Soccer Simulation Demo 2021 - Final meeting and closing

Hey, there!

Last weekend we had feedback meetings with the teams that participated in the Soccer Sim Demo competition of Feb 2021. Because of the difference in time zones, we hosted two meetings with the same content. Check the slides in the link below to see the information we presented. You can also watch the recordings of the meetings to hear our answers to your questions (tip: in the second meeting we answered all questions from both meetings).

Slides presented during the final meetings:

Recording from the first meeting (09:00 CET):

Recording from the second meeting (19:00 CET):

In the topic below you can check out the strategy from different teams and share yours! Soccer Simulation Demo 2021 - Show and Tell

Suggestions for libraries that you want to use in your code are being collected here: Soccer Simulation 2021 - Library suggestions

The links to results and videos of all games can be found in the following topic: Soccer Simulation Demo 2021 - Results

On behalf of the RCJ Soccer TC and RCJ Soccer Simulation OC, I thank you all for participation and feedback!


P.S.: If you are looking for the simulator or competition rules, check out the post below: Soccer Simulation Demo Competition 2021