Soccer Rules Open Meetings #soccer-rules-2024

Hi everybody,

we are opening the next three Soccer League Committee Meetings to the community.

Wed, Aug 30th 2023 20:00 UTC (convert timezones here) on the topic of the 2024 2v2 rule changes

Zoom Link 2023-08-30

Launch Meeting - Zoom

Wed, Sep 6th 2023 20:00 UTC (convert timezones here) on the topic of the 2024 1v1 Entry rules

Zoom Link 2023-09-06

Launch Meeting - Zoom

Wed, Sep 13th 2023 20:00 UTC (convert timezones here) on the topic of the 2025+ major changes to 2v2 Soccer Leagues. We will have further Open Meetings and discussions on this topic on the forum throughout the season to have enough time to think about and get feedback on major changes that we could not fit into the “after the international tournament until August/September” rules release cycle.

Zoom Link 2023-09-13

Launch Meeting - Zoom

We hope to see you there and hear your ideas and opinions. If you cannot make it we will release a summary and post relevant suggestions and ideas we heard to corresponding forum threads so the full discussion and context are available to everybody.

If we get spam problems with the links that are available here we may have to post new Zoom links shortly before or shortly after the beginning of the meetings

Hope to see you there and best regards

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Summary of 8/23 meeting results (see details in thread links):

Raising to 48V limit on this thread. - No opposition.

Ball Response Requirements on this thread. - no opposition but needs clarification in rules.

Increased kicker power LWL on this thread - no opposition.

SuperTeam Bye on this thread - no opposition w/ clarification that this only applies for the bye and not the mercy rule.

Weight limit in LWL in this thread. - no opposition

Allowing Wifi in this thread - RCJ cannot change general rule even though we seem to all agree it is worthwhile.

Summary of 9/6 meeting. Details on this forum thread on entry level rules.

Will create a whitelist for acceptable motors to allow for motors outside of commercial robotics kits.

In 1v1 entry: two traction wheels/drive motors, 9V, and 1100g limits.

In 2v2 entry: three traction wheels/drive motors, 12V, and 1100g limits.

Draft of new entry rule set in progress.

Many of the topics covered at the 9/13 meeting will become new forum threads.

There were too many topics brought up to summarize so please see the meeting notes here.

Thanks to everyone at the meeting for a lively discussion!

I’m out of topic, but I would like to say thank you to the committee for this initiative. I think it’s a very good idea.