Increasd Kicker Power Limit for Light Weight League #soccer-rules-2024

We are considering dropping the kicker measuring ramp completely because it is not always available, somewhat inconsistent and the kick force it allows is very low. Instead we are considering moving LWL/IR ball to a system similar to OL/golf ball kicks. The idea would be to have a similar procedure in place but set the limit for the IR ball to the following:

  • place robot in the back left of its own goal
  • kick towards the other goal
  • if the ball returns to outside the penalty area after being reflected at the back of the other goal that is too much force

What do you think? Too little? Too much? If so, why?

  • Yes, switch from testing ramp to field kick test
  • No, keep the testing ramp

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  • Lower the kicker strength limit
  • Keep the kicker strength limit the same
  • Increase the limit but to less than suggested in this post
  • Increase the limit as described in this post
  • Increase the limit more than described in this post

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Please provide reasons for your opinions in this thread so we can consider all arguments

PDF of this draft version is available here:

GitHub PR here: Changed Light Weight League to on-field measurement procedure by dbscoach · Pull Request #107 · robocup-junior/soccer-rules · GitHub

The results of our open Zoom meeting on 8/23 is that everyone is thumbs up on this rule change! There was no discussion.