SuperTeam Bye reduced to 3:0 #soccer-rules-2024

Hello everybody,

we ran into the unfortunate situation of having a large 10:0 goal difference for the SuperTeam that was free from play change the rank table. To avoid that happening in the future we are considering reducing the goal difference awarded to the SuperTeam that gets the Bye (i.e. that is free from play and gets awarded a victory in order not to be disadvantaged) from 10:0 to 3:0. What do you think?

  • Keep awarding 10:0 Byes for SuperTeam games
  • Switch to award 3:0 Byes for SuperTeam games
  • Award less than 3:0
  • Award more than 3:0 but less than 10:0 (please post your suggestion the thread)

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Please provide reasons for your opinions in this thread so we can consider all arguments

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PDF of this draft version is available here:

GitHub PR here: Reduce SuperTeam Bye to 3:0 by dbscoach · Pull Request #109 · robocup-junior/soccer-rules · GitHub

There was no opposition to this rule change at our 8/23 open Zoom meeting.

Only a clarification that was discussed is that the bye is the only change not the “mercy rule” b/c the scores are so low (e.g. a team with a bye gets a 3:0 score but an actual game with a score of 5:1 will not be reduced to 4:1).