RoboCupJunior RescueLine - LineLeader Sensor?

im a new Coach in Robocup!
Is it allowed to use the “LineLeader-Sensor” at the RescueLine competition?
Like this:

  • LineLeader v2 Liniensensor für Mindstorms NXT / EV3

MINDSENSORS | A-000000-01351

  • The rules are describing following:
    3.2. Construction
  1. Any robot kit or building blocks, either available on the market or built from raw hardware, may be
    used as long as the design and construction of the robot are primarily and substantially the original
    work of the students.
  2. Teams are not permitted to use any commercially produced robot kits or sensors components that
    are specifically designed or marketed to complete any single major task of RoboCupJunior Rescue.
    Robots that do not comply will face immediate disqualification from the tournament. If there is any
    doubt, teams should consult the RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee prior to the competition.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @uwerotti,

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There is a similar question about the sensor.

If you have any other question or I misunderstood your question, please post here again.

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