RoboCupJunior OnStage Entry Competition

Dear OnStage Community,

We are currently scoping the rules and requirements for an entry competition that will allow younger students to be part of the RoboCupJunior competition. As part of this, we are wanting to gather some feedback from our regions regarding how you approach creating the OnStage competition for a younger or entry competition.

For example:

  • You use the current International Rules as published on the website every year.
  • You use a previous version of the OnStage International Rules (Dance <2018 etc)
  • You have developed your own OnStage rules
  • Current International Rules
  • Previous International Rules
  • Dance Rules (Internationals <2018)
  • Own Rules

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If you have any suggestions please comment below!

We use the international Rules with this adaptation : younger students can take part to the conteste

Previous rules had fewer technical aspects, so they can be suitable for beginners . If possible,it could be revised the lower age limit , for example to 11 or 12 years for these categories, with a higher limit less than 19.