RoboCup 2023 Team Newsletter #2

Dear OnStage Mentor and Team Members.

Congratulations to all teams that are qualified to participate in RoboCupJunior 2023 in Bordeaux! We look forward to welcoming you on site. Please look out for communications via email in the coming weeks regarding specific information related to the competition. However, to help with your preparations, the OnStage Committee is happy to support our teams!

Carefully read the following information regarding current OnStage rules, score sheets, logistics and more. Let us consider this communication as Newsletter #2. Enjoy!

Past Communication & Important Links:

RoboCupJunior OnStage Forum: RoboCupJunior Forum

RoboCupJunior OnStage Rules and Scoresheet: RCJ OnStage – RoboCupJunior
RoboCupJunior OnStage Newsletter #1: 2023 OnStage Community Newsletter #1

Communication technologies and links

The technologies being used for communication during the OnStage competition are:

Staying Connected & Help

The main means of contact will be emailed to mentors. Copies of newsletters will also be posted in the OnStage Forum.
We recommend that you regularly check for any updates in your email and the forum. If you have problems viewing the forum, please reply to this email.
The OnStage Forum is the best place to ask questions during the competition.

Documentation Submission - Technical Description Poster & Technical Demonstration Video - Due 26th June 2023 23:59:59 EOD

All documentations associated with your performance are required to be submitted via a google form by this deadline. Please ensure that you have read the 2023 rules and understand what is expected to be included in these documents.


If you do not submit your documentation by this deadline, we will not be able to cater for your needs during the competition.

Schedule & Timings

The OnStage schedule will be released on the setup day (05th July 2023). All times are given in Bordeaux Time - UTC +2 in 24-hour clock.


The team briefing and Q&A for all teams and mentors will take place in the afternoon on 4th July 2023 via Zoom. Teams will be given the 2023 SuperTeam allocations and rules during the session. We encourage you to attend the meeting and connect with OnStage organizers and judges.

Mentors during Competition

We understand that mentors want the best for their teams, but the interview and performance must be the work of the team alone without any mentor interference. Marks will be deducted from team scores if this occurs as indicated in the rules. We do not expect teams to be looking towards the mentor for guidance.

2023 Rule Changes & 2024 Rule Feedback

As teams should be aware by now, there were a few changes to the previous years’ rules and scoresheets. We highly recommend teams spend some time going through these changes and make sure that they understand what is required for their technical description poster, video and performance.

We are also collecting feedback for the 2024 rules and welcome any comments or suggestions from the RoboCup OnStage community.

Good luck to all teams!

Best regards

Christian Häußler
OnStage Committee Chair 2023

Hello, I´m Luis Saenz, memeber of team Seventronics from Mexico, we haven´t recieved the link for the documentation yet, because we had a problem with the registration, until a few days ago, thank you.

We are happy to see you all, see you soon :slight_smile: