RoboCup 2023 Team Newsletter #1

Dear OnStage Community,

Congratulations to all teams that are qualified to participate in RoboCupJunior 2023 in Bordeaux! We look forward to welcoming you on site. Please look out for communications via email in the coming weeks regarding specific information related to the competition. However, to help with your preparations, the OnStage Committee is happy to support our teams! Please read the following:

Documentation Submission - Technical Description Poster & Technical Video - Due 2023-06-26T21:59:00Z
All documentations associated with your performance are required to be submitted via a google form by this deadline. Please ensure that you have read the 2023 rules and understand what is expected to be included in these documents. You will receive a link to the form via email soon.

Competition Days & Briefings
The team briefing and Q&A for all teams and mentors will take place in the afternoon on 2023-07-04T15:00:00Z via Zoom. Teams will be given the 2023 SuperTeam allocations and rules during the session. Performances and Interviews will take place on 2023-07-05T22:00:00Z2023-07-08T22:00:00Z with the detailed schedule to be announced at a later date.

2023 Rule Changes & 2024 Rule Feedback
As teams should be aware by now, there were a few changes to the previous years’ rules and scoresheets. We highly recommend teams spend some time going through these changes and make sure that they understand what is required for their technical description poster, video and performance.

We are also collecting feedback for the 2024 rules and welcome any comments or suggestions from the RoboCup OnStage community. You will receive more information on the feedback process soon.

Good luck to all teams!

OnStage Committee 2023

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Good morning ChristianH!!

A few days ago, we paid the registration fees for members and our team, but until now we have not received confirmation that the payment was made, we made the payment by electronic transfer, and we sent the proof by email.

Hi @Ulisses,

Please send an email through to and we can follow up for you from the registration team.

Thank you,
Margaux - RCJ Exec