Registration for RobocupJunior Rescue League Competitions

Dear teams,

I have a question about “qualified teams” on the site below.
It means the teams musbe be selected by LOC or regional represetative, am I right?
Is there any exception, e.g. New Rescue simulation (Demonstration)?

Thank you for your support in advance.

Chitoshi, Japan

Hi @Charlie

I’m sorry for the delayed reply.

For Line/Maze/Simulation(CoSpace) we are expecting teams to be selected by each region. For participants entering the New Simulation (Demonstration) competition, a selection will be held within the international TC - information regarding this is being prepared to be announced soon (again, apologies for the delay. We want to definitely sort everything out before releasing it to the public).

I hope this helps.

2021 TC

Kai - san,
I appreciate with your hard working for the preparation of competition.
Anyway we are awaiting the next announcement by international OC/TC.

Best regards,

Please refer to this post regarding the full announcement.

Thank you for the long wait.

2021 TC

Kai-san, Thanks a lot.