Overall score calculation


I hope everyone is enjoying the RoboCup so far, it’s an incredible event!

Today we were told that the lowest round score won’t be counted in the overall score, could you tell us if that’s correct, please?

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Ian Dib

Yes read this post FYI: Total Score Example - #3 by Alex98 and how scores for Rescue Maze/Line/Sim are done. In his example they toss out the lowest score.

I asked further down the post why because the rules do not say to toss out the lowest score. He replied it was an ‘unwritten rule’:

Blockquote yes you are right.
The rules do not stipulate that the best y out of x runs must be scored in a tournament.
This depends on the format of the competition and can be freely decided by the organizers.

Thank you @Dennisma for your prompt response and for contributing to the community! @_iandib please see the document referenced by Dennisma and let me know if you have any question about how this is going to work :slight_smile:


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Thanks a lot @Dennisma and @Dieguinilombrin !