Mindstorms LightSensor Array

I know LineLeader is not allowed.

LightSensor Array does not have the line tracking features of LineLeader.

My team wants to use LightSensor Array. It just returns the values of each light sensor. My team will write an algorithm to use that data to control the robot movement. Hope that is acceptable. This has been used in previous competitions. The team will be able to speak to the algorithm.

My team is using all Lego Mindstorms ev3 components to build the robot.

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Hi @rw_girls,

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There is a similar question about the sensor

If your team will use another sensor, please post again.


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Yes, team is using “LightSensor Array” which does not have the line tracking features of LineLeader.

Also, the “LightSensor Array” is black in color.

Hi @rw_girls,

Okay. Your question is different from from my answer.

Could you please provide a link to the exact sensor you are using?

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In the description it does say -

  • Reporting dark and light pattern from array of 8 sensors
  • Write line follower programs with your own decision making
  • Develop your own PID control algorithms

Hi @rw_girls,
We have no restrictions on this sensor.

Same as any other sensors, if your team can explain the features and usage and code the programs which they need to use this sensor, there is no trouble.