Colored victims shape

Hello everyone,
I was wandering if there could be only squared colored victims or other shapes too.
Rules say that they will have an area of 16cm2 (2.5.5 from the rules document) and they only show visual victims as square, but they don’t say anything about shapes we could find.
Thanks in advance to everyone.

Hi @matteopogetta,

As we have already answered in a similar question, there is no rule-defined shape for the coloured victims. It is up to the organisers to decide what shape they want their victims to be. However, it is generally expected that these will be simple shapes such as squares or circles. Stars and other strange shapes are also allowed in the rules, but I don’t think you need to think too much about these exceptional shapes.

Reference (the question is based on the old rules, so the size of the victims is different from today):


RCJ Rescue TC&OC 2020-2021

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