The shape of the coloured victim

Dear all,
There is a rule about the coloured victim that says "Coloured victim are printed on or attached to wall. Their size will be 4 cm​². Three colours are used: red, yellow, and green. "(2.5.7)
I would like to know if the coloured victim is in a fixed shape such as a circle and a rectangle.

Hi @eg-bole,

The shape is not fixed.
If OC has common sense, it will be square or round.



Hi EG. Bole,

Good question. I certainly do not think they will put something like 1cm x 4cm strip :slight_smile: . As Naomi stated, it will be somewhat close to a square or circle. However, please do keep in mind: 2.7.6) All measurements in the rules have a tolerance of ±10%.

Elizabeth Mabrey