【Clarification of Rule 2.2.6】How are the bridges defined?

Dear RoboCup Junior Maze Committee,

Hello. I’m Takaki and I’m going to participate in RoboCup2024 in Netherlands.
I have a question. How is the word “bridge” defined in the rule 2.2.6?

The rule says:

Robots must be designed to navigate under tiles that form bridges over other tiles. Tiles placed above other tiles will be supported by walls. The minimum height (space between the floor and the ceiling) will be 25 cm.

However, I feel clarification is needed on this rule.

Please refer to the attached figures A and B.

In figure B, tiles placed above other tiles aren’t supported by walls so I think B isn’t allowed.
If B is allowed, I think the rule should describe not only bridges but also multi-level floors for clarification.

I would like to know the official answer. Feel free to correct my English when it is wrong or hard to understand. Thank you.

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Thank you for sharing! Very interesting. Will see the official answer.

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I noticed that you’ve raised the same question I had regarding Rule 2.2.6 on a different thread. It’s great to see that the committee has responded here. I posted a similar query earlier and unfortunately have not yet received a reply. I was wondering if we could perhaps consolidate our discussions to ensure that all related queries are addressed collectively.

Could the committee kindly extend their feedback to my original post as well? This would be greatly beneficial for ensuring all participants have access to the same information.

Thank you for your attention to this matter! The link is provided below:

Best regards,

Steven Chou

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for raising this question and providing clear pictures to represent the concern! Both scenarios, A and B are valid within the rules. The reason why “supported by walls” was added in the wording is to avoid the confusion where a highway overpass gets created but instead of having walls to the sides they use columns. If we use the photo below and we consider this as an underpass example, it wouldn’t be valid as there aren’t walls for the robot continue its way and might want to travel towards the ramp tile:

Thanks for raising the concern thought, we will change the wording to avoid any future confusion.

Diego Garza Rodriguez
2024 Committee

I understand. Thanks for your reply.
I’m sorry but I have another question.

Is a map with more than three levels allowed?
If so, we must have a large array in order to save maps.

Hello @shirokuma89 ,

By the existing rules definition, we can have unlimited amounts of levels (for example, 8 or 10).


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2024 Committee