Call for OnStage Subcommittee members

Dear OnStage Community,

as a way to involve you in the development process of future OnStage competitions we want to invite you to join a Subcommittee. You then get the chance to work closely together with the OnStage League Committee and work on specific topics you are interested in.

For this years season we are looking for members of the following Subcommittees:

Simulation Subcommittee
IIn 2023, the Onstage committee is wishing to investigate the possibility of introducing a simulation league for students not willing to participate in a physical competition. This subcommittee would work towards running a simulation league showcase at RCJ Bordaux 2023.

Subcommittee members would be joining the committee members, developing rules and working with teams to organise a demonstration to run alongside the International 2023 competition. We welcome members from all regions.

Entry OnStage Subcommittee
In past years there have been several requests to write and develop OnStage rules to be used by entry teams at super regional and regional competitions. This subcommittee will develop a set of entry rules for the OnStage 2024 season. These rules would need to be prepared for October 2023 for the 2024 competition season.

We welcome members from all regions especially those with educational backgrounds as well as mentors who have younger teams wishing to develop a specific competition for their teams.

Judging OnStage Subcommittee
We welcome a subcommittee to assist in the development of the material required to judge the 2023 season and help plan and run the competition in Bordeaux with the possibility of joining the judging panel in 2023. The subcommittee is tasked to come up with a scoring system that prevents any bias in judging. We welcome experienced or new members from all regions.

Please fill out the application form before 2023-02-17T00:00:00Z if you are intested in joining. We will then get back to you and invite you to a kick off meeting in which you will receive further information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

OnStage League Committee Chair

I have sent my application form. I would be happy to collaborate with the new initiatives by providing my long experience in the robotics sector and in particular in the Robocup. :slight_smile: