2022 OnStage Community Newsletter #1

Dear OnStage Community,

Congratulations to all teams that have now confirmed their entries to RoboCupJunior 2022 in Thailand! We look forward to welcoming you either on site or online. Please look out for communications via email in the coming weeks regarding specific information related to the competition. However, to help with your preparations for the International season, the OTC is happy to announce the following:

Documentation Submission - Technical Description Paper & Technical Video - Due 3rd July 2022 23:59:59 UTC
All documentation associated with your performance is required to be submitted via the OTC’s form by this deadline. Please ensure that you have read the 2022 rules and understand what is expected in these documents. Team mentors will receive the document submission form via email in the next few weeks.

Competition Days & Briefings
The team briefing and Q&A for all teams and mentors will take place virtually on Monday 11 July 2022 on Zoom. This will also be recorded for teams who cannot attend due to travel arrangements. Teams will also be given the 2022 SuperTeam allocations and rules.
Performances and Interviews will take place on Wednesday through to Saturday with the schedule to be announced at a later date. The OTC will shortly contact online teams to discuss performance arrangements.

2022 Rule Changes & 2023 Rule Feedback
As teams should be aware by now, there were many changes to the 2022 Rules and scoresheets (RCJ OnStage – RoboCupJunior). We highly recommend teams spend some time going through these changes and identify what is required for their technical paper, video and performance.

We are also taking feedback for the 2023 rules and welcome any comments or suggestions from the RoboCup OnStage community. If you have any suggestions or comments please reach out to me at OTC.Chair@rcjonstage.org.

Good luck to all teams!

Margaux Edwards
OTC OnStage Chair 2022

Hello! :smiley:
It is possible to see the performances as an online audience ?
are you going to do some streaming ?
thank you ! :smiley:

Hello @Polwor,

At this stage, performances will not be live streamed however, in a similar format to OnStage Worldwide 2021, we will be uploading all performances, technical videos and Superteam performances to our YouTube channel hopefully a few hours after the live sessions.


Thank you so much for the response!
Im from Chile and we reeeeeaaallyyyy realllyy want to participate in the next year Onstage, and its my duty to give our kids as much information and references as it possible.

I can´t wait to see what the kids of the world are doing :smiley:

If you need Volunteers in Onstage Online i will be Happy to help <3

thank you again :smiley:

Good evening everyone. I have a question about the TDP and Technical Video submission form, is it already sent to the mentors? It is just to avoid missing it because there are 3 days last.

Good morning @Oscariano,

the form hasn’t been sent out yet, but you will receive it very soon!
We will also postpone the deadline by a few days, so that you have some more time to submit everything.
Sorry for the late information about the submission form :slightly_smiling_face:

See you soon,

Hi @Oscariano - Please see 2022 OnStage Community Newsletter #2 for the revised submission date. The submission link has been sent to the team Mentors via email.

Good luck with your final preparations!


All right, thank you!