2022 OnStage Community Newsletter #2

Dear OnStage Community.

Welcome to the RoboCupJunior 2022 OnStage competition. Congratulations to the teams for qualifying for our first international Hybrid OnStage competition.

The “New Normal” - Hybrid OnStage!

After the pandemic has prevented all of us from meeting for the last few years, we are excited to meet both in person and virtually! We want this event to be a big success and we sincerely hope that everyone will gain a rich learning experience from it. We believe that effective communication will be key to our success. We invite you to read your emails and our newsletters on a daily basis. You won’t want to miss the latest news, scores and updates. When you’ll have questions or concerts, you will be able to post them on the OnStage Forum.

Carefully read the following information regarding current OnStage rules, score sheets, logistics and more. Let us consider this communication as Newsletter #2. Enjoy!

Past Communication & Important Links:

RoboCupJunior OnStage Forum: RoboCupJunior Forum
RoboCupJunior OnStage Rules and Scoresheet: RCJ OnStage – RoboCupJunior
RoboCupJunior OnStage Newsletter #1: 2022 OnStage Community Newsletter 2022
LOC Thailand E-Newsletter #1 (21st Jun) : LOC Thailand E-Newsletter #1
LOC Thailand E-Newsletter #2 (27st Jun) : LOC Thailand E-Newsletter #2

Communication technologies and links

The technologies being used for communication during the OnStage competition are:

  • Zoom https://zoom.us/ for Q&A sessions, briefings and virtual teams
  • YouTube https://www.youtube.com/ to post videos for the technical presentations and performances
  • Google forms Google Formulare: Anmelden for uploading team documents and videos for judging
  • Email to mentor for newsletters and sending out links to zoom meetings and forms
  • Slack for informal communications, Q&A and discussions. Please note that all official communications will be sent via email and forum. Please see your emails for the invitation link.

Keeping in Contact & Help

The main means of contact will be emailed to mentors. Copies of newsletters will also be posted in the OnStage Forum. We recommend that you regularly check for any updates in your email and the forum. The OnStage Forum is the best place to ask questions during the competition.

Document Submission: Extended until 06 July 2022 23:59:59 UTC+0

In order for all teams to submit their documentation, we are extending the deadline to submit your Technical Description Paper and Technical Video Presentation until Wednesday 6 July 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC+0.

As part of this form there is some important information to include especially if you require a translator during the competition.

If you do not submit your documentation by this deadline, we will not be able to cater for your needs during the competition.

Schedule & Timings

The OnStage schedule will be released in the coming days. All times are given in Thailand Time – UTC +7 in 24 hour clock UTC.


We have scheduled a kick off meeting, Super team meeting and rules review meeting for both mentors and team members to be held on Zoom on Monday 11 July 2022 17:00 UTC +7. This will be recorded, and the links will be posted in the forum. We encourage you to attend the meetings and connect with OnStage organisers and judges.

OnStage Competition and rules

The 2022 rules have been published and linked above. Please note there are major changes to the 2022 rules from past years.

OnStage Technical Posters

As in previous years, we invite all teams to bring and present an A1 poster to be displayed at the competition. This is a great opportunity for teams to present and show their performances to the general public and to inform others about their features and their chosen theme. Information regarding the technical poster can be found in the OnStage 2022 Rules.


SuperTeam rules and teams will be announced on Monday 11 July 17:00 UTC+7 during the zoom briefing session. It is envisaged that a Superteam will produce a unified performance where each sub- team within the Superteam will contribute to a given section.

Copyright rules

The OnStage performances will be made available online so it is your responsibility to obey copyright rules regarding both music and images as indicated in the rules.

Links to Zoom rooms

All links to Zoom rooms are private and must NOT be shared with anyone else. The exception for permission is when teammates are not located in the same physical location.

Mentors during Competition

We understand that mentors want the best for their teams but the interview and performance must be the work of the team alone without any mentor interference. Marks will be deducted from team scores if this occurs as indicated in the rules. We do not expect teams to be looking towards the mentor for guidance.


Please take note that the judges will be judging presentations and performances from all around the world as well as in Bangkok.

Pre-Competition Reminders:

Technical Description Paper

Please upload your Team Description Paper to the form. You can find the template here: RCJ OnStage – RoboCupJunior

Recorded Technical Video Demonstration

Please upload your Technical Video Demonstration to the form. Make sure you follow all the directives found in the OnStage rules and in the submission form.

What do you need to do now?

Complete the Google form: Make sure you let us know if you need a translator for the performances and interviews.

Join the Slack to meet other teams before the competition:

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Margaux Edwards
RoboCup Junior OnStage OTC Chair

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Greetings! We are finishing our TDP and at the end of the document it asks to put our robots code, will we need to put all robots code?

Well done on finishing your TDP!

How much code you provide is up to you, but personally I would suggest adding all important functions, structures and your main loop/function in your TDP.

Basically anything you want the judges to assess - of course, readability will be key so make sure you add lots of comments!

Good luck!


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I have just one last question, will the TDP be shared to everyone? Thank you so much and sorry for bothering

As stated in section 11.1 in the OnStage rules:

11.1.1. It is understood that RCJ events with rich technological and curricular developments should be shared with other participants.
11.1.2. Team materials may be published on the RoboCupJunior media platforms during the event.
11.1.3. Sharing information furthers the mission of RoboCupJunior as an educational initiative.

I would suggest writing the TDP in a way that showcases your work to the judges as that’s where your focus should be for the present!


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