2020 rules corrections (from TC)

Dear all,

The 2020 rules have been out for a week or so. But we have been told of/identified mistakes or minor inconsistencies in the rules so will post it here.

Rescue Line:

  1. There are mentions of an “evacuation room” but this refers to the evacuation zone.
  2. (2.8.4) “evacuation point” should be replaced with “evacuation zone”
  3. (3.3.5) A team is only allowed to participate in one league: Rescue line, maze, or simulation.
  4. (4.6.2) “towards the evacuation zone” should be replaced with “towards the goal tile”
  5. (4.6.6) seesaws should be included.
  6. (4.5.5) “removed from the evacuation zone” should be replaced with “removed from the evacuation point”
  7. The diagram on page 15 is outdated. A new version can be viewed here
  8. (4.5.8) The rules should read: Multipliers values obtained throughout the scoring run will be multiplied together to the other points gained during the run.
  9. (4.5.1) A ramp as a hazard accounts for all of the inclined tiles that make up one ramp.
  10. (4.5.4) Add ramp into the statement of listing scoring elements.

Rescue Maze:

  1. (4.5.9) The rules should read: Successful Stair Navigation. A robot is awarded 5 points for navigating a set of stairs in either direction. A successful navigation means the robot moves from the bottom tile to completely on the top tile of the stairs, then down to the bottom tile without assistance, reaching the subsequent tile after the stairs.
  2. (4.5.7 and 4.5.8) The two rules should be merged into: Successful Up or Down Negotiation. A robot is awarded 10 points for a successfully climbing up or down a ramp. The robot has successfully navigated through the ramp, when it moves from the bottom to the top tile (or vice versa), and is completely within the horizontal tile without toppling over.
  3. (4.5.10 and 4.5.11) The references should be updated to 4.4.4 and 4.5.1
  4. (4.5.13) the rule applies to all victims, not just visual victims.

For change 1 on Maze:
The new corrected rules should comply with rule 4.5.13 - which is an essential rule in the rescue maze context.

For change 2 on Maze:
With the new set of ramps which are embedded naturally with other tiles, it makes sense to treat the ramps similarly to other obstacles (e.g.: speed bump, stairs). We think it makes more sense for robots that can efficiently solve the maze which could mean going through the ramps one way and not the other. It is also advantageous from an organisational perspective for judges. Apologies for a fairly large change, we hope the reasons and intention is clearly communicated.

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I have a request to you.
Could you reconsider about No.2 in your revion list?

I believe No.2 should be below.
2. (2.8.4) “evacuation point” should be replaced with “evacuation zone”

Thank you for your support in advance.

Charlie in Japan

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Hi @Charlie

Thank you for the comment! This is very true. I have reflected in the original post.


2020 TC

Hi @kaijunge,

is there any chance that the documents referenced on the official home page will be updated accordingly? I am sure, a lot of teams will not find this post.

Greetings from Magdeburg,


We will update the rules with the fixes mentioned in this topic until September 2020.