YOLO v8 in my Robot

Hello :smile:
My question is about the implementation of YOLO v8 in my robot for image classification (letters and signs)

When I train a model, I typically save it inside a .pt file (PyTorch) and then (in future driver runs) read the training (serializing and deserializing it from the .pt file) and make predictions.

My question is if this is allowed within RoboCup Junior Rescue Simulator (something I doubt), so if it is not allowed I could look for another way to implement YOLO (and if you have suggestions to help me with this I would appreciate it!).

Without further ado, I appreciate your time. ¡Thank you! :wink:

Hi @GerardoUriburuR,

Thank you for posting your question.
I do not see any issue with it. It is a common way to save models in machine learning.
If you have a particular reason for your doubt, please let us know and we may be able to answer more accurately.

Best regards,
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