YOLO object detection allowed?


Rule 3.6.3. states, “Any software specifically designed to complete any single primary task of RoboCupJunior Rescue, e.g., any letter recognition libraries such as Tesseract or EasyOCR, etc., will be prohibited.”

Tesseract and EasyOCR were specifically mentioned here… what about YOLO? Does it fall into this category or is it allowed?


Hi @peterleong,

Both Tesseract and EasyOCR are created with a purpose of letter recognitions and require bare minimum from the students (just importing the library) in order to detect visual victims. YOLO is just a specific improvement (in terms of comp. time) of conventional CNNs which are not only allowed, but also welcomed, as long as students can prove that the algorithm is their own work (meaning they are able to provide a dataset of testing and validation images they collected and used, and understanding of their NN architecture, especially if they use an existing one). In short, we DO NOT allow usage of CNNs pretrained for text/letter detection. However, we strongly encourage students to attempt these solution on their own.

Hopefully my answer is clear :slight_smile: if not, feel free to ask for further clarification, I really hope number of teams exploring machine learning only grows.

Matej Novosad,
2023 committee

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