Will the traditional Rescue Line event happen in this year of 2022?

Some categories of the 2022 event in Thailand already posted their call for participation. Is there any information on when Rescue Line’s call for participation will happen, that is, if it will happen face-to-face?

Hi @kauanfontanela09 ,

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RoboCupJunior committee did NOT start of calling for participation.
RoboCup trustee had sent a newsletter about the competition plan of 2022 to the regional rep.
So you’ld like to know how to participation,
please ask to your regional rep.
The list of the regional rep. is below.

I hope this answer will help you.

2022 committee

Our regional rep in the US has stated that she MAY or MAY NOT run RCJ in the US this year in 2022. Traditionally RCJ USA takes place in April. So that leaves a rookie team with 2 month to prepare IF the event takes place? There’s no communication from RCJ USA and no updates the website. Is it any wonder that RCJ USA has barely grown in 15 years?

Hi @exit,

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This forum is only for questions about international competition and international rules. I do not have the authority to comment on competition in your region. Please contact to your regional rep. directly.
You can find the list of regional rep. in my first answer.

2022 committee

I already communicated with you that we are not sure if the selection event can be IN-PERSON. This was my response to the question:
Because of the current COVID situation, we have not identified the date and location of the event.

This is the same situation with many other regions including the US, Mexico, etc.

We WILL have a selection event for the US teams even if it is online. Hope it answers your question. But as Naomi mentioned, the forum is about the rule clarifications and questions about the international competition (RoboCup 2022). Moreover, you have a communication line open with me. You could email me directly. I am happy to share what we know at this point always. Also, if you want to contribute to the organization of the US event, especially to help it grow, you are more than welcome to share your ideas!

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