Where to upload technical documentation?

I was wondering where we are supposed to upload our technical documentation. We have not yet recieved any information regarding that. It would be also nice for future competitions to publish the submit date of the Technical Documentation earlier, and more visibly.
Regards Tobias

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Hello @TobiasRobo4Future,

Thanks for your feedback. We are currently waiting for the registration to close so we can have a final list of all the teams that will be participating and share any details at the same time with everyone. We will send an email to each team with specifications about the documents that need to be uploaded prior to the competition.

Appreciate the patience :slight_smile:


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

We are from the Argentina team and we did not receive any registration confirmation code or a link to upload the technical information. Could you confirm if the confirmation codes have already been sent to the registered teams and with whom can we see what happened? Thank you



As far as I know, the delivery of confirmation code after registration is a system-automated process. Thus, you should have received an email with confirmation code almost instantaneously after you submit a registration. Please check your spam though if you have yet done so.

In the meantime, I have contacted the execs regarding this as well. Will follow up.

Elizabeth Mabrey
2023 Rescue Committee

@ gustavo, the execs have just contacted the proper parties accordingly.