Where to send necessary documents? (TDP, Poster and journal)


Can anyone please tell me, where we have to submit the technical documentation for the rescue line competition?


Hi @potnikPeter,

We first need to collect all team registrations; the deadline for team registrations is June 9th. We will announce the process for submission of documentation after all teams have registered. The deadline for submission is 3 weeks before the start of the tournament, which is June 26th. You’ll have enough time to complete the submission.

Hope this helps.
2024 committee

Sorry, my question was a bit unclear. I thought if maybe you could tell me, where do we have to (if it`s even necessary) send the documents for upcoming European cup, that will be held in Hanover.


Hi @potnikPeter,

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that question, you’d need to check with the organizing committee of the European competition.


Would also like to know this, can’t find anything on their website.