Where do we submit out TDP, Engineering Journal, Poster and Video?

Where is the form to submit our TDP, Engineering Journal and Poster? What is the deadline for these documents submission? What are the penalties for late submission? Lastly, is this compulsory?

Where do we submit our influencer award video to? What is the deadline for video submission? What are the penalties for late submission?

Hi @Sh31don,

Submission of documents is mandatory and the deadline is 3 weeks before the start of the competition. Specific information will be provided upon completion of registration. Late submissions will undoubtedly affect your document score, which is part of the overall score.

As far as I remember we don’t have any mention of the “influencer award video” in the rules or on the website (could be an oversight on my part), could you please provide more information about it?

2024 committee

Also, what is the link / email of where to submit the documents as according to the rules, the deadline is tomorrow, 16 march (the comp is held on 6th march). Thankyou.

@rzhang please reply thankyou sm :pray:

I understand your anxiety, but we are discussing rules related to international competitions in this forum. For questions related to regional qualifying tournaments, you need to consult the corresponding regional committee (There may be regionals that don’t require documents to be submitted at all). I found their contact e-mail address and hope it will help you : junior@robocupsg.org. Good luck!