Where can I see the total rank

My name is Kotaro in team “Edge”.
And,I participated robocup junnior soccer light weight leage 2023 in Bordeaux.
And,I want to know finally score and rank of our team.


Hi Kotaro,

As you probably know from school, we do not typically release raw scores to avoid debates amongst the teams. I’ll direct this message to all teams who may be wondering the same.

Please pay close attention to the rubrics. Many teams missed points because they spent time explaining common items on their robots during interviews (e.g. it seemed like half the teams explained how omnidirectional drives work!) instead of discussing items in the “leadership and resourcefulness” category or any of the items in the soft skills rubric. (note: rubrics will most likely be updated for next season so watch for when they get published)

We also often saw the end results but not all the mistakes and learning that happened along the way; in future seasons, it would be great to see teams submit documentation/videos/pictures that shows the testing and development of designs (start thinking about how to get in the habit of taking pictures and videos as your robots are being developed especially when things go wrong).

A general rule of thumb: during the interview process, which is a significant portion of your overall score, we’re looking to learn about what we can’t see on your robot!

Regardless if you walked away with an award or not, all the teams that attended Bordeaux should be proud of what they accomplished!

Looking forward to seeing you compete again,


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Hey Mike,

Will we receive anything official regarding the awards we won?

Fabian Weller

Hi Kotrao,
Hi Fabian,

you should have received an email regarding your overall placement and your performance in the judged categories. For the Oustanding Achievement Awards we’re going to prepare PDF certificates and they will be shown in a hall of fame on the website, both of these aren’t finished yet though.

Best Regards