What should I do on the lack of an engineering journal?

Is the engineering journal mandatory?
If it is can I make an aggregate of all the things that I made for the robot (Schematics,3D models…)?

Dear Carlos,

"2.4.8 All teams must submit their engineering journal prior to the competition. ", so yes it is mandatory.

If you haven’t done so, yes do include those items. If you are familiar with the major leagues, it is somewhat like a TDP. So yes, things like schematics, 3D models, drawings, list of components, would be nice.

But in addition, please make an effort to include things like major problems faced and the corresponding solutions. And if possible share it to the forum/online! It’s a bit wasted if you spend time on documentation but it doesn’t get used - this applies to all teams of course.


Kai Junge
2019 TC