What sensors should we use?

Hello everyone.

My team is new to the soccer lightweight category and we would like to know where to start building our robot, some questions we have is:
1- what sensors do you recommend to follow the ball?
2- what kind of wheels do you recommend us to use?

Thank you very much for your support

Virtually every year the RCJ teams submit posters, videos, TDP’s and any technical papers on how they built their robots, what sensors they used, etc…

That information has been collected and submitted to github here: GitHub - RoboCupJuniorTC/awesome-rcj-soccer: A curated list of resources relevant to RoboCupJunior Soccer

This is where I would start if I were you.

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@Miranda_Est - I hope you found the resources that Dennis linked to helpful. What you choose to use very much depends on your experience, budget, time, goals, etc. If you’re having specific difficulties getting going, please feel free to message me privately if there isn’t an experienced team in your area willing to help.

Hello friends!
The site Soccer – RoboCupJunior has a link to the document:

The demo presentation slide titled “Building cheap sensors for the new pulsed RCJ soccer ball” is available HERE
Can you check if this link opens? http://rcj.robocup.org/rcj2009/newball/cheapRCJ05sensors-RobotDemos09.pdf

Thank you for your help

Hi @Kosachenkosv.

The link you mentioned indeed no longer works.

The data should still be available from the Wayback Machine though: https://web.archive.org/web/20170115073929/http://rcj.robocup.org/rcj2009/newball/cheapRCJ05sensors-RobotDemos09.pdf

Hope this helps!

Hi @mareksuppa.
I have read the information from the link you provided. Many thanks for your help!
With regards

There is also the BohleBots GitHub Repository where they open source large parts of their robots, they have been using the TSSP 4038 with good success for a number of years now source. Their coach (@stiebel) is also on this forum.


Yes, David is right, we use the TSSP4038 (or TSSP 6038 if SMD) and this one works perfectly well to see the ball. Feel free to ask for details, email and docs are on our webpage www.bohlebots.de