What does a successful exit bonus entail?

The summary of the rules states that “if the robot can find its way back to the beginning of the maze after exploring the whole maze it will receive an exit bonus.”

However, section 4.6.10 later simply states: “The ‘exit bonus’ condition is satisfied when the robot returns to the starting tile, stays there for at least 10 seconds to complete the scoring run.”

From this second part, it seems to me that the robot does not need to explore every single tile to earn the exit bonus when it returns to the start of the maze. Is this correct?

Hi @PranavSitaraman,
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Yes, you are correct.
Exit bonuses will be awarded if the conditions in 4.6.10 are met.
Sumally is an overview and our ideal. However, if there is a misunderstanding, let’s fix it with the rule of 2023.
Thank you for your advice.

2022 committee