Weight tolerance

What is the weight tolerance in Lightweight?

Hi @Ardi123,

I am not sure if I understood the question correctly, but if you are asking

How heavy can my Lightweight robot be and still be allowed to play?

my answer would be 1100 grams, as mentioned in the rules in section 8.2.1. If you are asking something along the lines of

What happens when the weighing scale shows 1102 grams?

it is a question that is a bit more difficult to answer :slight_smile:. If the scale shows weight of one or two grams above 1100, it may be tolerated, but you would almost certainly be asked to do something about it (for instance by drilling some holes) and you would also need a very good reason why it was not possible to get the scale to show at most 1100 grams.

Of course, we understand that different scales around the world may show different weight and that it is not easy to estimate what sort of a scale will be used at a specific competition, but at the same time the inspections are pretty strict, so that the games are played “by the book”.

I hope this helps a bit – if not (or if there are any other questions), please feel free to ask further.


– Marek