Volunteer Payment

I did my registration as a volunteer today and a mail with a confirmation come with a payment requierement.
How much is this payment?

I cannot find your international volunteer application. Only the people applied and accepted can register as the international volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form ASAP: https://forms.gle/CdAdXye1Aef5HnN96

Hello Amy I already fill the form again,
I already fill the form once before and that´s why Margaux send me the mail that is in the screenshot.
I fill it again, I hope this time all is good.


this is my previous registration, as you can see in the date is dated 20th of June at 12:54

Good Day Amy.
I really hope that you can find my aplication form :frowning:

Regards from Chile

Hi Pablo,

Your form has now come through!

I will be in touch over the coming days with allocated roles!


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