Visible RescueKit deployment


I’ve read the last thread about this topic and our robot throws the RescueKits out from underneath the robot. But in the rules it says (4.5.3), the deployment point is where the RescueKit is located when the robot moves out of the 15cm area. So, however, if we throw it out from under the robot (-> not clearly visible) but it stays in the 15cm radius when moving out, we possibly won’t receive points even though its deployment point is correct? Just to be sure understanding it right, because if so, we’ll work on our system.

Thanks and Greetings

Hi @matthias

NEW 2.6.6 Deployment of the rescue kit must be very clear to the referee.

So, when your robot will deploy a rescue kit a judge drcide its invisible , the judge mayl not give a successful rescue kit deployment point.
If you will come to the world competition ,
you should make a deployment injection point visible.

In regional competition , please ask regionalOC.