Victims out of the zone

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I would like to inquire about a situation where a victim rolls out of the Evacuation zone.
According to the rules, the refree can’t place it back in the zone or remove it from the field.
What happens if the robot finds it later on the upcoming line and picks it up? If the the last checkpoint was before the Evacuation zone and we say lack of progress, then we rescue it, what would happen to the rescued victim?

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Hello @sz_jazmin2009,

In that case, we need to look at rule 4.5.6. At the moment that a lack of progress is called, if the robot is carrying a victim and outside of the evacuation zone, the victim will be placed again inside the evacuation zone at random. Please note that if the victim rolled out of the evacuation zone and there is a lack of progress, in that case the victim will remain in it’s current position.

4.5.6: Suppose a lack of progress occurs in the evacuation zone. In that case, all victims (including ones that have rolled) will remain in their current position. Victims that are held by the robot will be placed roughly on the robot’s location when a lack of progress occurs in the evacuation zone. Suppose a lack of progress occurs as the robot exits the evacuation zone while carrying victims. In that case, the victims will be randomly placed in the evacuation zone.

If the victim rolled outside the evacuation zone toward the entrance and your robot it’s able to find it in the path towards the evacuation zone, pick’s it up, and rescues it without causing a lack of progress, that it’s a legal move (and a really hard to pull!) and the victim will be scored with all the other rules just as if the victim was picked it up inside the evacuation zone.

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Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee

Dear Diego,
Thank you, your anwser helped a lot!