Victim material

I would like to know where I can buy the victims for testing purposes. I saw that the victims will also change.

  • Where can I find the victims used in robocup 2023?

  • Is it possible to buy the ones that will be used in 2024 or how will they be made?

  • If it is not possible to find them for purchase, what material are they made of?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @JoelHanerth,

Victims that are used in competitions around the world are often quite different from each other, and the definition for their design is quite broad. Note that humans the robots would be saving in real scenarios would also not be all exactly the same in size or weight, but would be in certain expected margins. The same goes for the victims as well.

I have seen multiple solutions for building of 2023 victims, to name some: wooden balls wrapped in black tape/aluminum foil, metal, plastic, 3D printed…

The same goes for 2024 victims, they can be different from competition to competition. But we provided a recommendation guide on how to build them from easy to get materials.

Hope this helps!