Using two 12V batteries in series


Some motors on our robots need to use 24V batteries. Please advise if we are allowed to use two 12V batteries in series on stage.

Thank you.

No. A battery is literally made up of 3.7/1.5v cells in series. having 2 12v batteries is the same as having 1 24v. So as long as the voltage limit is not 24 it isn’t ok.


Hi Zvono,

Thank you for your kind interpretation.

15V limit seemed to be a new rule in 2018. We have been using 24V batteries all along.

With all due respect, we would like to hear from our TC to conclude the case, though.


Hi Norman,

Thank you for your inquiry. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the maximum voltage is limited up to 15V in the rule 1.3.4. So you can use two 12V batteries in parallel, but not series. Please refer here for more details about the use of batteries.

Best regards,
Shoko Niwa (2018 OnStage TC and OnStage OC chair)

Hi Shoko,

Thank you for your clarification.