Using a drone for Rescue-Line

Hello everybody,

last time I competed in a Rescue competition, I had a great or crazy idea with my friends.

We thought about building a drone, which follows the line with a camera and stays at a sensible height by using a distance-sensor starring downwards.

We couldn’t find a rule, which prohibits this appropriate as long as we show that we follow the line correctly by utilizing a laser point.

Is it allowed to compete in that way or do we bend the rules too much?
Greetings, Lorenz

Hi Lorenz,

We definitely like when teams have a different approach to existing problems! And thinking about building a drone it’s an interesting approach :slight_smile: Have your team considered the safety of creating such solution? Like what could happen if the robot looses control and leaves the field mid-run? Or how it might handle an underpass where you have a limited height? I would love to hear more about this type of solution and please let us know if this is something your team is planning to build for this year’s competition, as we might need to confirm with the location if we are clear to fly drones over there.


Diego Garza Rodriguez
2023 Committee