Use of Huskylens for line tracking

I am asking if Huskylens can be used for line tracking. Huskey lens is an AI machine vision sensor camera. This sensor has the ability to detect and follow lines automatically, can it be used for this competetion ?

Hi @moaelkhodbia,

Sorry for the late reply.
This camera feature violates 3.2.2 and cannot be used.

“3.2.2. Teams are not permitted to use any commercially produced robot kits or sensors components that are specifically designed or marketed to complete any single major task of RoboCupJunior Rescue. Robots that do not comply will face immediate disqualification from the tournament. If there is any doubt, teams should consult the RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee prior to the competition.”

2022 committee

Hi Naomi,
what if we use the camera for other uses, such as object detection and code it ourself so basically just using the values that the camera outputs such as the position of an objects? therefore it is just acting like another sensor by just giving an output.
just to make my self clear I am aiming to use it for color detection (the green turns) and blob detection,
for international rescue and locating the victim.

Hi @Pashmam,
object detection is also considered to be one of the major tasks of RoboCupJunior Rescue. Output of the camera are just raw values in each pixel, so this is what you are allowed to use to code your own object detection, line following or similar algorithm.

Hope this clears things up. Good luck!

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Hi @Matej
Thanks for your answers but I’m still slightly confused. Does that mean we can not use it? Again we will train it and program it to locate the balls and also to detect green squares.

Hi @Pashmam,
you are allowed to use the camera, but aren’t allowed to use any of the additional features other cameras wouldn’t have.

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