Use of Fischertechnik Robo Pro software

Is it allowed to program a robot with the Robo Pro software from Fischertechnik? The software has a build in function to detect the position of a black line with the help of a normal camera. Is the use of this software against the rules?


HI @TeamJA,

“3.2.2. Teams are not permitted to use any commercially produced robot kits or sensors components that are specifically designed or marketed to complete any single major task of RoboCupJunior Rescue. Robots that do not comply will face immediate disqualification from the tournament. If there is any doubt, teams should consult the RoboCupJunior Rescue Committee prior to the competition.”

You said “the software detect the position of a black line”.
I have a question “is the software can follow black line automatically ?”
If your answer will be “yes”, we will not allow to use the software.

I think the software only detect black and you have to control your robot to follow the line in your program which you build.
My undestood is correct ?

2022 committee

Yes, the output is a position of a black line. We have to program the motor movement ourselfes.
So it is allowed?


Hi @TeamJA,

Yes. We allowed it.
“What kind of data do the software receive when you use the camera?” and “How does the software determine black from the received data and determine the position?” It would be better if you could understand and explain in the interview.

2022 committee

Thanks for your response!