Usage of a portable wireless network in competition


I wanted to know if the use of a portable wireless network (such as a wifi dongle) is allowed in Robocup internationals Eindhoven to connect with our robot for programming during the competition. Since our team is using a raspberrypi, the best means of connection for programming it is wifi and there isn’t any mention regarding its use in rule 3.2.4 .In compliance to rule 3.2.4 the robot will be disconnected from the network before any official run.

Thank you

Hi @System_Viryansh,

Rule 3.2.4 restricts use during a game (each round). Your need is to use wifi for programming during practice, which is completely allowed. However, please be careful to disable the wifi feature during games.

2024 committee

Hi @System_Viryansh

Thank you for reaching out to us and please allow me to correct the above answer from @rzhang .

In RoboCup 2024 Einthoven, all junior rescue teams are not allowed to set up their WiFi hotspot.
This is because RoboCup Major leagues will massively use WiFi for their competition games and if we allow our junior teams to use WiFi, that can affect each other and can be a big trouble from a competition organizational perspective since WiFi frequency is really limited as you know.
In fact, in our history of RoboCup, this kind of frequency issue is happening again and again.
We can deeply understand what you want to do but please allow us to correct the previous answer and advise you to start finding alternative options.

Best regards,
2024 Resuce Committee

Hello @Ryo. In this case, cannot any type of Wi-Fi router be used? This was not said anywhere in the rules. Several teams were not prepared for this, with the Wi-Fi router being the only viable solution.

If you are just programming (through SSH or VNC) it you could do so via Ethernet.

Hi @JoelHanerth

Exactly, no Wi-Fi router setup is allowed at the World Championship 2024 at Eindhoven.

This restriction is not coming from the nature of the RoboCupJunior Rescue game organization standpoint but coming from the whole RoboCup 2024 Eindhoven, in normal years, this kind of venue rules can be announced in newsletters which will be sent to you in a few weeks before the competition.
For this time, since you’re curious, we could check this year’s rule beforehand with our execs and let you know with enough preparation time. We believe you can find another suitable option for you.

Best regards,