[URGENT] Schedule confusion

I’m Emanuele from the SPQR team, from Italy.
We’re getting a little bit confused as we noticed some incongruences between the updated schedule on GDrive (https://drive.google.com/file/d/189Zbma380ozOLJfblAGCKXoi9PBDq0eA/view) and the registration form for the Poster session sent in the fourth newsletter (https://forms.gle/cMnP9dbHggmCmr7dA).
In the schedule, today’s poster session is scheduled at 18:00 UTC, however in the registration form it’s scheduled at 15:00 UTC. Tomorrow’s poster session is scheduled at the same time on both the schedule and the registration form.
We registered for today’s poster session when we saw it was at 15:00 UTC, and we would have troubles participating in the case it will be at 18:00 as our school (which we are connecting from) closes at 19:00 UTC (21:00 CEST, our timezone), and we need to be out of the school by that time.
We would like to know what time the Poster Session will effectively take place and, in the case it will take place at 18:00 UTC, we would like to know if it’s possible for us to move from today’s poster session to tomorrow’s one.

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi @EmaMaker,

Thank you for pointing this out.

You are indeed right, there was a mistake in the “Poster session”'s registration form. We have since updated it but you were right, the 2PM and 3PM there didn’t make much sense, as that would clash with other program in the schedule.

It will be at 17:00 UTC for SoccerSim and 18:00 UTC for LightWeight and Open. If you cannot make it today, we will move you over to the other timeslot – that should not be such a big deal.

Note that the “poster session” is generally just a presentation and so it may be that the team does not need to be physically present at the same location – they could possibly do so in a completely virtual manner as well.

Once again, sorry for the confusion this may have created and thank you for pointing it out.

See you around at the competition!

– Marek

Hi @mareksuppa,
Thank you for the tempestive answer.
If possibile, we would prefer to be moved to tomorrow’s poster session, since today’s would take place from 20 to 21 in our local timezone. After 21 we will be unable to participate as each one of us will be returning home and connecting from our phones while on public transport is generally not easy and audio and video would be pretty bad. Participating in tomorrow’s poster session would be optimal and we would be able to make the most out of this experience.

Thank you for your help,

Hi @EmaMaker,

Understood, no worries – we’ll move you over.


– Marek