Uploading code, engineering journal, documentation, etc

Dear all,

As stated in the RoboCupJunior Rescue 2017 rules under the 2.4 Inspection section, all the teams have to comply with:

2.4.6 All teams must complete a web form prior to the competition to allow judges to better prepare for the interviews. Instructions on how to submit the form will be provided to the teams prior to the competition.
2.4.7 All teams have to submit their source code prior to the competition. The source code will not be shared with other teams without the team’s permission.
2.4.8 All teams must submit their engineering journal prior to the competition. The journals will not be shared with other teams without the team’s permission.

Please proceed submitting the form at http://mytech.zone/robocupjunior-inspection as soon as possible, but no later than July 20th. To make the registration at the venue smoother please print and bring a copy of the submission confirmation screen. You can still work and develop your code after submitting it. Do not forget to include your engineering journal and poster in a compress zip file.

// Fredrik Löfgren, TC and OC member 2016 / 2017

Thank you!

If any team miss to send it. Please do it ASAP.

Roberto Bonilla
RoboCupJunior International
General co-Chair Organizing Committee