Tutorial for building and programming a robot for rescue

in the spirit of the competition, to share all knowledge, I did a tutorial, describing how to build and program a basic robot for “rescue”. The first two parts are ready.
As soon as the next parts are finished I will tell you.
Here they are:
https://youtu.be/SVTgO8qPiBA Part 1
https://youtu.be/E_XjcJNFKKg Part 2
On this page are informations you need, especially the spoken text in german, for to translate it in your language:


Hi Andreas,

thanks for creating this awesome documentation and for sharing it to the RoboCup Junior community! I am sure it will be a great help for other teams!

Best regards,
RoboCup Junior Rescue TC

The next two parts are online:

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we have had some problems with the light sensor we used for detecting the red cross. (Its of the new disciplin “Maze Entry” we created for beginners in Germany).
In the “list of the components” I have added a new link to an outbreak of the “TCS3200”. I think it is a good performance to set S0 and S2 to GND and S1 and S3 to +5V.
We are now able to “see” white, black, metal and red.
Best regards

We have moved to