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We have some premade tiles, for which we are not sure, if they are valid. We would like to ask you to tell us, if we need to replace them (pictures are attached below).

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Sending second picture.

Hi @Tjas,

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In our line rule,
2.1.2. The field will consist of 30 cm x 30 cm tiles, with different patterns. The final selection of tiles and…
2.3.1. The black line, 1-2 cm wide, may be made with standard electrical insulating tape or printed onto paper or other materials…

Is the size of the tile you uploaded 30 cm x 30 cm? Is the width of the black line 1-2 cm?
Do you think there is something wrong with this tile?
Is it the size? Is it the length of the black line?
Please tell me specifically what you want to check on the tile.

In addition, we published a tile pattern which we will use on 2021 competition.

I hope it will be helpful to you.

2021 TC

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The size of the tile is right and so is the thickness of the line. We do not know, if the first tile is interchangable with tile number 49. We are not sure, becouse it is not a circle, but rather a square with round edges.
We would also like to ask, if the tile on the second picture is interchangable with tile number 41. The edge could be too round.
We will be awaitng your response.
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Hi @Tjas,
If you will use tiles which you uoloaded for pre-recording in the RoboCupJunior 2021 International Competition,you cannot use these 2 tiles.Please use No.49 and No.41.
We’ld like to judge all teams in the same environment. We published the tile design for that.
Colud you prepare the tiles even if you print the published tile design?
If you cannot prepare them, please contact us again.
Let’s think about how you can do.

If you use them in other competitions or for your practice, it is OK if the size and the width of the black line conform to the rules. :slight_smile:

If someone have any good ideas for tile preparation, Please share your ideas here.

All the best,

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