Thoughts on the 2024 superteam challenge in Eindhoven

Hi everyone,

I’ve always been a fan of the superteam concept, which is letting teams from different countries work together to play matches on a larger field. I think it is a great way to stimulate contact and collaboration between the teams. It is also a great opportunity for the less experienced teams to learn from the experienced teams. But I think it can be organized better to really help promote these values. Based on my experience mentoring teams in past championships I would like to discuss the following topics:

1. Match schedule
I noticed the superteam matches being scheduled during the individual matches and interviews in Bordeaux last year, which is not the best moment to be doing superteam matches because all teams are focused on their Individual matches or upcoming interview. Teams are not willing to try out new things because they are either afraid that something will break or they simply don’t prioritize it above their upcoming matches/interview. Also, teams are less willing to help other teams when they have a busy schedule ahead. The way the superteam matches were scheduled in Hannover recently is in my opinion the best way. The superteam matches were held after the individual matches and after the interviews so that the teams could go all out with their robots. I get that scheduling it this way is not always possible, but something in this style should be manageable.

2. Team distribution
I noticed from past championships for example last year in Bordeaux or a week ago in Hannover that experienced teams (higher tournament ranks) were able to be grouped together and less experienced teams (lower tournament ranks) would be grouped together as well. The rules don’t state how superteams should be distributed, but I think this phenomenon should be avoided by taking a more controlled approach in distributing superteams. By distributing the teams more evenly based on their performance in the tournament, the superteams are stimulated to really help each other and learn from each other in order to perform the best in the superteam competition. The superteam matches are usually planned later in the championship. Instead of determining the superteams way beforehand the competition, the tournament results of the first competition days could be used to distribute the teams more evenly based on the team’s current rank in the tournament. For example let’s assume that the first superteam match is played on day 3, then the results of the individual rounds in terms of ranking up to day 2 could be used to distribute the superteams. In the case of having 20 teams and 4 superteams, one could distribute the current (day 2) leading 5 teams in the tournament each in a different superteam. Then do the same to the next 5 teams and so on.

Please let me know what your take is on these topics.

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I really like this approach, as I saw similar stuff happening as well in other competitions. And since the SuperTeam matches should be later in the competition, it wouldn’t be that much more work for the organizers.

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Hi Nawin,

you hit all the points we would - sometimes logistics make it hard to do it like that but generally speaking we try - no promises that short term schedule changes won’t interfere though - as it stands SuperTeams are almost last; also there is a bit of tension between trying to get SuperTeam members in contact early and trying to distribute more evenly). We do try to schedule to maximize team interactions and networking opportunities. To that end we do have the Discord now in addition to the forum. If you have other ideas in that direction we’re all ears.

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I get the argument earlier contact vs. more evenly team distribution, but from my experience teams aren’t really bothered with superteam preparations up until a few hours before the first superteam matches even if they know their superteam since the start of the competition. I noticed the same behavior in Hannover. But that’s my take on it, could we maybe do a discord poll to see what teams prefer, or maybe add a poll link to the next newsletter?


We started a discord vote, feel free to cast your vote:

The 2024 organization is currently looking at the possibilities of integrating this proposal.