The schedule of international competition

Hi everyone,
I am a student from Xi’an, China. Our team has qualified for the 2019 RCJ soccer open competition. We are looking forward to attending this event and learn from other teams from all around the world. Since this is the first time for us to attend the international competition, we are very confused about the schedule of the competition. What’s the order of interviews, presentation, on-field match, technical challenge, etc…? What we should do on the first day? the second day?..
Do we need to disassemble our robots and assemble them during the competition?
We will be more than delighted if someone could answer these questions for us or tell us where we can look up the relevant information. Thanks a lot!
PS. This is our first time attending the international competition, if there is an experience worth sharing, the thing we need to pay attention to…please don’t hesitate to share with us~

Hello yikuanfang,

first of all, congratulations for qualifying to the world championship.
The first day of Junior competition is called “setup day”. Firstly, you have to register you team and then you can work on your robot and callibrate it according to local conditions. The following days are “competition days”. These include visiting inspection table, playing matches, superteam matches, doing interview, technical challenges and so on. You will most probably get notified about the schedule by OC/TC right before the competition :slight_smile:.

My last competition was in 2016 and we’ve never had to disassemble our robot.

Anyway, if you have further questions do not hesitate to ask. Wishing you best of luck in Australia!

Hello adrianmatejov,

Thanks for answering my questions, that really helped a lot!
But I still confused about how the interview and matches will be scheduled. Would interviews conduct during the matches or before the matches? Do they have a certain time only for that?

Hi @yikuanfang,

Let me also first congratulate you for qualifying to the World Championship! I also very much applaud the courage to ask about the details of the international competition – that is exactly what this forum is for! The rules have a section dedicated to the international competition but it is obvious that it does not explain everything clearly enough, so let me try to answer your questions in a bit more detail.

As @adrianmatejov mentioned in his reply, the Junior competition starts with a so called “Setup day”. Last year the organization committee (OC) has tried to make sure all interviews happened on this day, so that the following days could be focused on the matches. The technical challenges are a new addition – last year they took place during the last competition day and I think it will be very similar this year.

You do not need to worry about the details (as in “what time do the interviews start” or “when does our interview start”) – the exact timetable will be published before the competition.

Once again, thank you for your questions and please do not hesitate to ask more of them if we haven’t covered everything.

Best of luck!

– Marek

Appreciate!Thank you very much!